The cream rises!

Recently, a customer was taken back by our milk- and not in a good way! When we searched for details, here’s what we got: “I was afraid to drink it- there was white stuff floating in it!”

Immediately, Jesse and I smiled.

That white stuff floating around your milk is the best part: THE CREAM!

The butterfat, or cream, in our milk has not been altered (or homogenized), which means it is supposed to separate and flake and float around the milk. Those little flecks of cream are what give our milk it’s boost of richness and texture. Those flecks of cream create our milk’s beautiful flavor!

Homogenization is a process that large dairy processors use to break down the fat (cream) into microscopic sizes that incorporate into the milk, making the cream unseen to our eyes. Our milk is not homogenized, so the cream rises + separates, as it should!

Next time you see those flecks of white in your milk, take a big sip- because that cream is what gives our milk it’s wonderful taste and texture!

Do you have any questions about creamline milk?! What do you think of that floating cream??




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