It’s June already?!

Did anyone else think May was a complete whirlwind? We had so many transitions in May: the end of school and kindergarten graduation, kitchen remodel, big-boy underwear for Alex, summer temperatures, barn addition, new freezer, our first steer sale, a new vat, failed transmission in our car, flowers and cookouts…phew!

I think at several points this month Jesse and I completely crossed paths without more than a “I’ll see you later”. It was a heavy month, but we are so glad to have so much accomplished. I’m just grateful for grace-filled children and a steady-headed husband, who kept things as light as they could be this past month.

Let’s talk about the beef! Wow, just wow. You guys are the most supportive, trusting, loving group of people–we sold out of beef completely in a weekend, and could not believe it. We’ve heard so many awesome comments about the beef, we’re just so grateful for you. And for those of you not able to secure your choices before the sell-out, THERE’S MORE ON THE WAY!

We’re in the process of working with our local butcher to send more pastured, locally raised beef this first week in June, making the freshly packaged beef here just in time for your Independence Day cookout! If you have any special requests, feel free to message us (! This has turned out to be such a rewarding partnership with a local beef farmer, as we’ve gotten so many connections with you all.

In other news: construction is underway for our on-farm shop, and we’re so excited to invite more of you here in the future! Stay tuned for more fun happenings later this summer.

And now: some fun links and finds from May, my favorite part of the newsletter 🙂

–An oldie, but a belly-busting goodie. If you haven’t seen this hilarious video of a prank two brothers played on their anesthesia-clouded sister, you must watch this until the very end.

–In honor of graduation season, this is a sweet speech given by Tsh Oxenreider, worth the read.

–I recently visited Shaffer Family Farm in Brookville, and it’s seriously stunning-the scenery, the barn, the view, the chickens! I know I’ve been asked about quail eggs, so Beth is a perfect start– she has some juvenile quails almost ready to lay! They have a farm stand in Sigel (just before the Farmer’s Inn) selling their fresh eggs and vegetables, and soon plan to sell pastured whole chickens!

–I shared a story of another estate sale adventure (my favorite pastime). Kate found a $2 1980’s polaroid in working order and perfect condition. I was skeptical, but the owner showed us how it works, then I found the same exact refurbished version for $149! Score! Estate sales for life, seriously. And speaking of, the Flea Market in Hazen is in full swing this week, definitely worth the trip.

Stay tuned for our beef updates, I’ll let you know here first, as always.

Have a great sunny weekend,

Lisa 🙂




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