Fresh pasture: it’s even a flavor.

The weather has warmed, the grass is green and lush- spring is officially here and our cows are out in pasture! We all look forward to this time of year, especially Jesse: a freedom from daily barn cleaning!

But you all night notice a difference in your milk, too. As the cows transition from hay made from last year’s crop to fresh green and lush grasses on our pasture, their milk will change too. We’ve already noticed a difference in hue: the milk’s appearance is much more creamy, almost yellow in color compared with usual white color. That’s from the carotene in the fresh green grass!

In addition, the fresh grass enriches the flavor of your milk! Though some of us can’t pick up on the subtle grassy flavor from the transition to pasture, others (ahem, Lisa) with a more sensitive pallet can immediately pick up on the grassy flavor. This actually adds to your milk’s nutrition, so drink up!

We all enjoy the transition to pasture, which means longer, warmer days and less overall farm related chores! But who doesn’t love to sit on the porch and watch a cow graze in pasture- probably one of our most treasured past times.

So let us know, have you noticed the color, texture or taste difference from the freshly pastured milk? What do you think?!




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