Farm fresh milk guaranteed!

guarantee your family’s supply of local, creamline milk by joining our on-farm CSA!

Are you looking for local, ethically raised foods?

Maybe you’ve considered the rumor of food shortages, or maybe you want to support your local farmers, or maybe you want to feel more connected to your food?

Um, heck yes! You’re reading my mind!

You're ready to guarantee your family's milk?!

Let’s form a partnership: farmer and consumer, milk friends for life!

Join us here at Lane’s End Farm Creamery, stopping by weekly or bi-weekly to pick up your milk and get a chance to see and pet the cows that make your milk!

fresh milk

Farm fresh milk

But we'll take care of the cows

Your milk CSA is like having your own milk cow, but without the mess! We’ll milk and feed the cows, clean up the messes, vat-pasteurize and bottle the milk for you. You get to enjoy the benefits of a milk cow without having to take care of the cow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! The CSA monthly or weekly option will guarantee your pre-ordered milk quantity availability. If you want to add on, that’s perfectly fine! We just can’t guarantee your add-on will be available.

If you pre-pay for the month, your milk savings are $0.50 per half gallon- that adds up over time!

Any customer who wants to guarantee their family’s milk supply will be available at the time of pickup.

The farm is 2 miles outside of Brockway on Rt 28. Our address is 186 Penny Ln Brockway. Head to the red barn, and enter through the shop doors.

The same month of purchase!

Yes! You may cancel anytime, though your monthly payment will cover that entire month’s milk purchase.

In addition to milk sales at our farm, we are available at the following locations:

  • Elk Co. Foods in Ridgway and Johnsonburg
  • Fremer’s Market in Brockway
  • Calliari’s Bakery in Dubois
  • Sunrise Coffee Bar in Brockway
  • Paesano Pizza in Brockway
  • Devil’s BBQ in Brookville
  • Angelo’s Pizza in Brookville
  • Sugar Mama’s Bakery in St. Mary’s 
  • The Diamond Perk in St. Mary’s
  • The Gateway Lodge in Cook Forest


Enroll Today

Sign up to be a CSA milk member!

It’s simple, really.

You choose how much milk, how often and tell us the best day of the week for you to pick it up!

Your milk will always be available for you, on your pickup day.


fresh milk, always waiting for you

Community Shared Agriculture, or CSA, is a farming model built on fairness and transparency for both the farmer and the consumer. You trust us with your milk, and we’ll trust that you’ll be here to pick it up!

best value

$ 5
  • per half gallon

    1 monthly payment

  • Pay upfront, monthly, for your family's milk supply for the month. You can pickup you milk weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your preference!

weekly payment

$ 5
  • per half gallon

    paid weekly

  • Pay at the time of milk pick-up, and choose your quantity as you need it!

are you ready?

Let’s become milk friends, farmer and consumer!

We'd love to guarantee your family's farm fresh milk, whenever you need it!