A Microdairy + Creamery

On our 20 acre farm, we milk our herd of 15 Jersey cows, vat-pasteurize and bottle our farm fresh milk in our creamery.

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Once you drink real, farm fresh milk, it’s hard to go back.

Our milk is vat-pasteurized, which is a low-temperature method allowing the milk’s natural flavor and texture to be preserved. 

In addition, we do not homogenize our milk, which means the cream rises to the top- as it should. And speaking of cream, we never separate our milk’s cream, so it has a butterfat content higher than the store’s whole milk, and with that, a richer flavor and texture!

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Meet your farmers

We’re Jesse and Lisa Vivian, owners of Lane’s End Farm Creamery. Though our Microdairy is a first generation farm, Jesse’s farm story started at his birth.

Jesse was raised on a 180-acre dairy farm in Beechwoods, PA. Farming was the most influential part of life! From learning to drive a farm truck at the age of 8 to early mornings helping with chores and late nights baling hay- farming with family was Jesse’s life. 

After the sale of his parent’s dairy herd, Jesse’s dream of owning a Microdairy “jugging dairy” was born. We bought 2 heifer calves from his parent’s original herd and in 2020, our Microdairy and creamery was born!

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Our Farm Market + Shop

Beginning fall 2022, we welcome you to the farm

When we first envisioned our farm business, a priority for us was creating a gathering place here at the farm.

We want you to meet and learn the cows that make your milk. 

We want to provide a market for local makers and growers, and a chance for you to shop local!

We’re planning events and gatherings, so stay tuned!

Farm Market

the podcast

Hear our interviews

jesse’s moments in the spotlight

As auditory learners ourselves, we spend countless hours listening to podcasts and audiobooks. So any chance we’ve been offered to share our story on a podcast, we’ve jumped for!

Find our podcast interviews to learn more about our humble, first generation farm beginnings and stories of growth. Plus, you’ll even catch a vision of where we hope to see our farm in 5, 10, 20 years!